PAFEC-VibroAcoustics - Audio

Air is a light medium and hence will generally have a lesser effect on a vibrating structure than in underwater acoustics. However the cone, dustcap and surround of a loudspeaker drive unit are also light, and hence to obtain accurate results a fully coupled analysis is necessary.

Application Areas

  • cone breakup
  • cabinet cavity modes
  • radiation from drive unit
  • diffraction from edges
  • placement of speakers in a small room
  • radiation from panels
  • horn design
  • load/displacement computation for spiders and surrounds
  • compression driver design


PAFEC Loudspeaker analysis tool


Wave guide / horn (axisymmetric transient response)

Wave guide / horn (3D sinusoidal response)

Wave guide / horn (3D transient response)

Mobile phone (3D sinusoidal response)

Experimental / FE comparison

Loudspeaker drive unit

Large displacement analysis of a surround

Large displacement analysis of a cupped spider

CAD import / 3D horn

Phase splitters and horn

GiD pre-processor / axisymmetric tweeter

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